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Are you leaving money on the table at work?

Improving your financial situation often comes down to two things: Earning more and spending less. One easy way to tackle the former is to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table in the form of valuable employee perks. (You should of course, be occasionally asking for a raise, too.) Work perks don’t come […]

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Spotting errors on your credit report

One in five credit reports has an error on it that could affect your score, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Does yours? Many people have no clue. A 2013 TransUnion survey found that nearly one-third of Americans had never checked their credit report, and another 25 percent had not done so in the past […]

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One fast trick to boost savings

How full is your piggy bank? If you’re like most Americans, probably not full enough. When I posted a recent piece on Facebook about digging out from holiday debt, a reader commented, “How about not going into debt in the first place?” Good point. Ideally, we should be planning ahead and saving for things like Christmas […]

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TODAY Show: Best times in 2015 for big money moves

Kelli appeared on NBC’s “TODAY Show” to talk about the best times of year to make big money moves such as buying a flat-screen TV, asking for a raise or selling a home. Watch the clip below:

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TODAY Show: Affording a move abroad

Kelli appeared on NBC’s “TODAY Show” to talk about how to crunch the numbers before moving abroad. It may not be a financial stretch, even for those ready to retire. Watch the clip below: