Why credit may be the best way to pay

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When it comes to protection for your purchases, credit is king. There’s no need to rack up debt, though. My trick? Record the purchase in your checkbook or whatever record-keeping tool you use to track your checking account balance. Stop spending before you’d “overdraw,” and then transfer over the balance owed each month. For more […]

Making home improvements pay off

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Sad but true: Home improvement projects don’t necessarily improve home…value. At least, not enough to offset the cost of the project. On average, you’ll get about two-thirds back, according to Remodeling Magazine. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to renovate regardless of whether it’ll get you a better price when it’s time to […]

When 50% off is a bad deal

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Saving 50% is easy these days with so many daily deal web sites, right? Wrong. Even as sites branch out to offer more luxe experiences and wild adventures, there are more terms and conditions that can add to your out-of-pocket costs. In some cases, the “full” price you’re getting a discount on includes estimated value […]