How junk food marketers are reaching students

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First Lady Michelle Obama recently introduced new regulations that would bar marketers from pitching junk food on school property, but in-classroom technology may still expose kids to ads for unhealthy products. Marketers are spending more on web ads and other digital promotions to catch kids’ attention,  even as schools introduce more in-classroom technology. In 2008, […]

FAFSA tricks for free college cash

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Think of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid as your gateway to college aid. Without it, college-bound students aren’t eligible for a variety of need-based grants and loans. Applying can make a big difference. Average financial aid awarded during the 2012-13 school year totaled $13,640 per full-time student, according to The College Board. That […]

Eying a puppy? 3 Unexpected pet costs


With the Westminster Kennel Club dog show coming up, it can be tempting to add a puppy to the family. Before you head to the shelter or start looking at breeders, it pays to consider the full cost to own a pet. Estimates from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals put […]