Money Management

Why credit may be the best way to pay

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When it comes to protection for your purchases, credit is king. There’s no need to rack up debt, though. My trick? Record the purchase in your checkbook or whatever record-keeping tool you use to track your checking account balance. Stop spending before you’d “overdraw,” and then transfer over the balance owed each month. For more […]

5 Strategies to beat a tax audit

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The clock is ticking down to April 15, but entrepreneurs may have bigger tax worries. The IRS has said it is refocusing its audit efforts on sole proprietors and other small businesses. If there’s good news, it’s that the risk of an audit is still low. In 2013, S corporations and partnerships both had audit […]

Tallying the cost of prepaid cards

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Picking a prepaid card can be as complex as picking a checking account or credit card–and the consequences of choosing poorly, as expensive. But now, it’s getting a little easier to compare options as issuers begins adopting a new set of voluntary fee disclosures. Unfamiliar with prepaid cards? Think of them as a checking account […]