Are you leaving money on the table at work?

Improving your financial situation often comes down to two things: Earning more and spending less.

One easy way to tackle the former is to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table in the form of valuable employee perks. (You should of course, be occasionally asking for a raise, too.) Work perks don’t come with an intimidating “ask.” It’s just a matter of checking out your company’s benefits web site, and maybe shooting an email to HR.

I’m a huge fan of work perks. It’s something I always take a look for when starting a new job. My current favorite: Tuition reimbursement, for the graduate classes I’m taking in personal financial planning. The IRS allows companies to offer up to $5,250 in tax-free tuition reimbursement, and benefits administrator Aon Hewitt reports that about 86 percent of employers have some program in place.

Check out the full article on for more common perks, and watch the new $ave Me below for some of the most valuable: