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Home design help–free!

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Confession time: I love home improvement shows, but when it comes to my own space, I’m a little indecisive. What if that bold paint color is an eye-sore? Will the different patterns on the rug, comforter and curtains look cool–or clash? There’s some good news for design-phobes like me. Several retailers, including West Elm, Pottery […]

Should you put money into bitcoin?

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Just because there’s buzz around bitcoin doesn’t mean it’s something that should be in your portfolio. Regulators have been issuing alerts for consumers in recent months, warning them of the risks of the virtual currency. Namely, it’s extremely volatile and has no regulations in place to protect consumers against loss of the funds from hackers. […]

Why credit may be the best way to pay

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When it comes to protection for your purchases, credit is king. There’s no need to rack up debt, though. My trick? Record the purchase in your checkbook or whatever record-keeping tool you use to track your checking account balance. Stop spending before you’d “overdraw,” and then transfer over the balance owed each month. For more […]